Past pupils

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St Saviour’s College has a wide-reaching network of women who are proud past pupils. The College is always looking for opportunities to engage with our past pupils, through College celebrations, functions and milestones. While many past pupils facilitate their own reunions, the College is always on hand to lead tours and provide venues for coming together.

In 2023, as a part of celebrations around the 150 years of Mercy education, we are seeking to build our past pupils’ network and presence in the community. In addition, these celebrations will provide many opportunities for our past pupils to gather and celebrate all that is great about the rich history that is St Saviour’s College.

If you are a past pupil, please provide your details so you can link in with our database to receive publications and stay abreast of all that is happening at St Saviour’s College.

Please keep your contact details up to date with us, so we can communicate with you.