Our Principal

Jessica Wade

Welcome to St Saviour’s College, a vibrant, faith-filled community, where each of our ‘Mercy Girls’ is known, nurtured, and supported to succeed.

As a relatively small school, we provide a welcoming and supportive community, committed to excellence in girl’s education.

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, St Saviour’s College has been providing quality Catholic education in Toowoomba since our great College was founded in 1873. Inspired by the example of the Catherine McAuley, we are committed to providing an empowering education for every girl.

At St Saviour's College, we know that each girl has her own goals, aspirations and pathways and we honour each of these equally. With a range of pathways and opportunities in the realms of academics, vocational education and training, service, faith, the Arts, sport and technology; St Saviour’s is truly a place where every girl can come to know and understand her gifts and recognise the ways she can use these to have an impact on the world around her.  

As a future-focussed College, our mission calls us to form empowered women for a changing world. This commitment is unwavering for us. At St Saviour’s College, your daughter will be empowered to thrive in a small, yet diverse community of learners, where difference and diversity is viewed as a one of our great strengths.

We know all girls have the potential to be resilient learners, confident and compassionate leaders and innovative, global minded citizens; and our passionate teachers and staff coupled with our innovative and purposeful learning programs support girls to be the best they can be.

Our College motto, Integrity is our Strength, coupled with our Mercy values drive and govern all we do.

We aspire for our graduates to be people who welcome others with generosity and hospitality, people who value excellence, who strive to realise their God-given potential, and look for ways to practically express their faith in the care of others and for the betterment of our world.

At St Saviour’s College, we know your daughter will experience the compassion, care and challenge that comes with being mercy people. I invite you to come and meet with us so you can experience first-hand what makes St Saviour’s College so special.

Join me on a tour of our campus so that you can meet our staff and our ‘mercy girls’ and see for yourselves our dynamic community in action; a community that has long prided itself on forming women who become great contributors to society, ensuring that integrity is their greatest strength.


Jessica Wade