Past Students:

The St Saviour's Past Pupils' Association was founded in 1951 when there was a realisation that the past students of St Saviour's were wanting to make a contribution to the school, the Sisters of Mercy and the community. Today they are continuing these ideals through a continued participation in the life of St Saviour's College.

The Mission of the St Saviour's Past Pupils' Association is to:

  • Create and foster a spirit of unity amongst past pupils of St Saviour's College through social events such as reunions.
  • Promote the development of its members for lifelong learning in the areas of social, educational and spiritual arenas.
  • Be actively involved in the life of the College.
  • Acknowledge the important historical role of the Sisters of Mercy through celebrating Mercy Day and other occasions with the sisters and by fostering an awareness of Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Mercy Sisters, through involvement in College activities.

All past pupils are considered official members of the Past Pupils' Association and are welcome to attend all events and meetings.

Past Pupil's Details Form can be downloaded from this page.


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