Our Staff:

Image of Sharon Collins
Sharon Collins


Image of Jen Smeed
Jen Smeed

Deputy Principal

Linda Creedon

Assistant Principal - Administration

Image of Heather Hagemann
Heather Hagemann

Assistant Principal - Mission

College Board:

The College Board is an advisory committee to the College Principal and is an appointed body which monitors the finances, curriculum and strategic planning and project management of the College.

Current issues for consideration by the College Board include:

  • Financial management
  • Long term project management
  • Curriculum development 
  • Integration of technology across the College 
  • The Mercy identity of the College.

The College Board meets ten times a year and carries out its responsibilities to the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office.

Parents & Friends Association:

The St Saviour’s College Parents & Friends Association is a group within our College family that see their main tasks as both supporting the College through community events and allocating funds received through the fund raising levy. They play a vital role as a feedback group on proposed changes and initiatives at the College. 

One of the major functions of the Parents & Friends Association is the annual acknowledgement of a Senior student for the Parents & Friends Association Award. This award recognises a student who lives out the College values especially in terms of her engagement in College life. 

The Parents & Friends Association lend a helping hand to many other functions throughout the year including the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfasts.

You can contact the Parents and Friends Association with inquiries or ideas through this link.