College Communication:

This page provides an overview of the publications released by the College during the year.


Special Announcement

Ms Sharon Collins has been appointed Principal of St Saviour's College starting in 2018.  Sharon is currently Acting Principal at the College.  For full announcement please click here.


College Newsletters

College newsletters are released on Thursdays fortnightly. You will receive an SMS with a link to this website to view the Newsletter. If you cannot receive an SMS students are asked to let the College know and we will send a paper copy home.

Newsletter 23rd November 2017


The Circle

The Circle is a seasonal publication that celebrates the life of the College. A copy is sent home after publication.

The Circle - Spring 2017


The College Annual Reports

The College Annual Report is released on June 30 each year. An update with the pathway destinations of the previous Year 12's  is uploaded in September. 

2016 Annual Report


For earlier editions of these documents please go to publications.