Living on Campus

Welcome to McAuley College:

The Sisters of Mercy offered residential support for young women for rural Queensland since 1861. McAuley House, the Residential section of St Saviour’s College provides a unique experience of residential community living for girls in the Mercy tradition.
It is an experience that is based on care, respect and mutual trust, and a positive partnership between the student’s family and the College.


Residential staff and students work together to nurture: 

  • Catholic education in the Mercy tradition
  • Relationships based on respect and personal dignity
  • Personal growth through the building of relationships
  • Friendships developed in a family orientated environment
  • Personal spirituality and a disposition to social justice
  • A balanced education to meet the individual needs of young women
  • Personal independence, self confidence and a personal best orientation in all aspects of life
  • Growth towards maturity in a caring, happy boarding family

McAuley House is a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association which serves to support and develop best practice in residential communities across Australia.


Residential Life News:

"Lights Out", a quarterly journal by Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA), gives opportunities to learn more about how best to support and care for our girls and also provide an opportunity for members to learn from and support each other.

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Our Boarding Staff

"Miss Catherine is calm, kind and helps us with our homework and when we forget things. She is always driving us in the bus, even when she isn’t always confident where to go, but does it to give us girls opportunities and experiences." - Kathleen

"Miss Tanya is willing to help us, even when we are not always polite. Nothing is ever too much trouble because she cares for us like a mum. She also has funny little jokes that make us laugh." - Kayley

"Miss Carla is always organised and knows exactly where we need to go and at what time. She helps us with routine. She also has a lot of knowledge about computers and this comes in handy with some of our homework." - Brandy

"Miss Kerry is so nice and kind; she never says a cross word and says goodnight to us before bed. Her smile is so lovely. She speaks gently to us and this is comforting." - Deenorah


"Miss Christie is amazing because I don’t know how she gets through all that washing and ironing! She also comes and helps in boarding when we need an extra pair of eyes. She is thoughtful and often gives us little treats, and she gave us Christmas cards last year." - Ruth

"Miss Narelle has helped with lots of things like netball and yarning circle. Her idea to design boarding shirts was great and she gave us lots of ideas. She is also helping with study and always yarns to us when we clean up the kitchen. This is nice and a big help." - Eliza

"Miss Georgia isn’t around as much because she moved to the University, but we like it when she takes us shopping and stays at the dorm. She also helps with study. Because she is going to university, she knows how things should be written. She is also kind and has a great smile." - Emmie


"Miss Nicki is lovely. She helps on weekends and some nights during the week. I like it when she drives us to basketball because she always asks us how we went and likes to watch us play. She has another job in a primary school as well." - Roxy

"Miss Sharon is only new, but she is kind. She has sat with different groups at mealtimes and talks to us nicely. She wants to get to know us which is really lovely." - Jurralliee

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