International Students

Welcome to St Saviour’s College and to McAuley House, our home-away-from-home Residential House.

McAuley House is an excellent facility located adjacent to the College and the Sisters of Mercy Convent. Our “Boarding School” has been purpose-built with young women in mind.

We are the only secondary Diocesan Boarding School in this Diocese and hence feel very privileged to be able to offer our facilities to young women who may otherwise have difficulty in accessing a high quality affordable Catholic secondary education. Our day girls come from Toowoomba and its near neighbours, while our boarders come from all over the globe — Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Papua New Guinea and the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. We are particularly well represented by girls from Outback Queensland, the region south of Toowoomba to the NSW border and by girls from Papua New Guinea. The diversity of backgrounds, experiences and cultures of our girls who make St Saviour’s their home ensures that our community has an enviable richness and vitality that adds to the quality of the away from home experience.

St Saviour’s College specialises in education for young women and we have developed a strong ethos about achieving enhanced learning outcomes through an understanding of well researched learning and teaching processes and ways of attending to the particular emotional, social, cultural needs of young women.

McAuley House is staffed by a number of highly dedicated women who ensure that care, attention and educational support is second to none. Our staff comprise of our Director of Boarding, Senior and Junior Supervisors as well as a qualified team working in the kitchen and in the area of activities. In addition our College counsellors provide direct support to the Residential College.

We also make available our Guest’s room for any visiting parent who might like to spend the night at the College whilst visiting their daughter.

Prospective parents are encouraged to pay us a visit, to talk to our staff, to check out our facilities and to decide for themselves why so many other parents have chosen St Saviour’s as the best option for their daughter’s secondary education.

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