18 May 2020

From the Principal - 14 May 2020


It was wonderful to see some visitation and travel restrictions lifted over the weekend. One of the great benefits of this was that many of us could rightfully spend some long overdue time with our Mums.  Mother’s Day is a timely reminder to all of us of the great role that our mothers play in our lives. Mothers are our nurturers, carers and champions; anyone who is blessed to have a supportive mum or significant female in their life, has the world.

Our image of motherhood is so beautifully modelled in the life of Jesus’ mother, Mary. Called to mother Jesus at a very young age, in a situation challenged by social ethical norms, Mary is the epitome of devotion, tenderness, and steadfastness. Mary witnessed first-hand Jesus’ joys and sufferings and was with him to the absolute end; from his childhood and adolescence, through to his ministry, his death, resurrection, until Pentecost, Mary remained faithful to her son.

It is for this reason, the loss of a mother can deeply impact a person’s identity and sense of belonging. We remember all those who have lost their mums, particularly at a young age. We ask that they be blessed in a very special way by Mary and her son, and experience that deepened sense of love by those close to them.

May, of course, is the month in the Catholic Church’s calendar where we honour Mary in a very special way and call on her for intervention, through prayer, particularly the rosary. I invite you to take the time to pray the rosary, a very old, repetitive, soothing prayer that has given comfort to many throughout the ages. Please refer to the following link 

Click here for more information on the rosaryhttps://www.rosarycenter.org/homepage-2/rosary/how-to-pray-the-rosary/

It was wonderful to welcome back our Year 11 and 12 students on Monday and see them transition from the online platform to direct delivery. We most certainly have missed their presence and the joy and laughter that comes with it. There has been a gradual number of additional students in Years 7-10, from the families of essential workers, also returning to the College for supervision. We look forward to a full resumption of regular classes at the College on Monday 25 May. Please note, that while course and learning materials will continue to be housed on Canvas, from Monday 25 May, there will not be direct online teaching for any classes. For those families wishing to keep their daughter/s home beyond this date, these considerations will need to be factored in. Please also refer to the email correspondence sent out last week on Friday 8 May, referring to the College’s ongoing response to the pandemic, and government and educational recommendations.

Please note that Tuckshop will be made available again from Monday 25 May.


Many thanks to Mrs Kim Murray, Mrs Mary Conaghan and the Interact Club for compiling the virtual performance presented to the Yukana Retirement Village as a ‘gift’ for Mother’s Day. Traditionally, students from the College would perform live for the residents, but given COVID-19 restrictions, this was not permissible. Instead, students made individual recordings for the compilation which was later delivered to Yukana. Well done to all involved.


With Open Day cancelled due to restrictions around visitors to the College, we are putting together a ‘Virtual Open Day’ which will go live in the coming weeks. Watch this space for further advice.

Thanks to all members of our community for their flexibility, patience and resilience during these uncertain times. It really has been an experience of solidarity, ensuring the continuity of learning for our girls.

Blessings for the coming weeks.

Sharon Collins

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