19 Nov 2019

2019 Award Receipients

Below is a complete list of all Award receipients:

Commitment to Study Awards

Year 7
Gold - Eliza Morcom and Meg Woodock
Silver - Maryam Abawi, Adelaide Hopkinson, Abby Kelderman, Millie Matthews and Giliann Pamalaran
Bronze - Alby Darnell

Year 8
Gold - Lily Barrington
Silver - Amelia Claxton and Kiara McMahon
Bronze - Awel Deng

Year 9
Gold - Kirra Baker, Jessica Crompton, Charlotte Morcom and Mierah Staines
Silver - Kayla Duncan and Madison Fowler
Bronze - Miranda Owen and Elysse Thomas

Year 10
Gold - Georgia Bartlett and Kate Hudson-James
Silver - Noora Fatima and Olivia Petzler
Bronze - Rianna Castle - Smith and Keelie Ross

Year 11
Gold - Zina Alexandra Dorado, Hannah Hoger and Samara Tarlinton
Silver - Hannah Fowler
Bronze - Georgia McAuley

Year 12
Gold - Larissa Devine and Aimee Miriyamu
Bronze - Abiar Anyuat, Renae McMinn, Riley Priaulx and Stayline Tia

Cultural Awards
Debater of the Year - Keeley Crothers
Interact Student of the Year - Sarah Woodcock
Senior Dancer of the Year - Sarah Woodcock
Dramatist of the Year - Sarah Woodcock
The Oxlades Senior Visual Artist of the Year - Sydney Redulla
Outstanding Contribution to the Arts Junior - Kate Hudson-James
Outstanding Contribution to the Arts Senior - Sarah Woodcock

Vocational Awards
St Saviour's College VET Encouragement Award - Mollie Daly
DISCO Encouragement Award - Hope Anderson

Service Awards
Year 7 - Emmie Creevey, Kaysharn Deemal, Adelaide Hopkinson, Furaha Iranzi, Abby Kelderman, Millie Matthews, Eliza Morcom, Giliann Pamalaran, Meg Woodcock.
Year 8 - Lily Barrington, Amelia Claxton, Aimee Norton
Year 9 - Kirra Baker, Jessica Crompton, Charlotte Morcom
Year 10 - Georgia Bartlett, Sophie Elara, Noora Fatima, Kate Hudson-James
Year 11 - Keeley Crothers, Mollie Daly, Zina Alexandra Dorado, Hannah Hoger, Georgia McAuley, Abigail Reuter, Kayley Watson

ADF Long Tan Awards
Year 10 - Georgia Bartlett
Year 12 - Hannah Purvis

Academic Excellence Awards
Year 7 - Aleng Deng, Abby Kelderman, Eliza Morcom and Giliann Pamalaran
Year 8 - Lily Barrington
Year 9 - Charlotte Morcom
Year 10 - Rianna Castle-Smiht and Kate Hudson-James
Year 11 - Zina Alexandra Dorado and Hannah Hoger

Top of Cohort Awards
Larissa Devine - English, Biology and Fashion
Riley Priaulx - Physics, Mathematics B and Chemistry
Sarah Woodcock - Study of Religion and Dance
Kaitlyn Yates - Mathematics A and Drama
Grace Wright - Legal Studies
Hannah Purvis - Health and Physical Education
Sydney Redulla - Visual Art
Aimee Miriyamu - English Communication
Renae McMinn - Religion and Ethics and Social and Community Studies
Jessie Bill - Pre-Vocational Mathematics

The David Janetzki MP Prize for top STEM student - Riley Priaulx

All Rounder Awards
Year 7 - Abby Kelderman and Eliza Morcom
Year 8 - Amelia Claxton
Year 9 - Kirra Baker
Year 10 (Caltex) - Kate Hudson-James
Year 11 - Zina Alexandra Dorado
Year 12 - Sarah Woodcock

Special Academic Awards
Year 12 USQ Excellence Award - Larissa Devine
Gloria Dawe Award for English - Larissa Devine

Special Awards
Senator Claire Moore Award for
Community Services by a Senior Student - Hannah Purvis

Catholic Schools Office School Based
Apprenticeship Trainee of the Year - Aimee Miriyamu

Special Service Awards
Sister Regina Conway Mercy Award - Sarah Woodcock

College Board Awards
Parents and Friends Award For Outstanding Spirit - Hannah Purvis
College Board Award – Spirit of Mercy
Year 10 - Kate Hudson-James
Year 12 - Sarah Woodcock




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