1 Jun 2020

From the Principal

This week, we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus up into heaven. If we were to ponder this feast day literally, it may be implied that following His Resurrection, Jesus would have spent the next forty days with His disciples, putting in the ‘finishing touches’ of what it was He wanted them to learn from Him before He was finally left them for good. Irrespective of how this played out over 2000 years ago, you could only imagine that when Jesus did ‘ascend’ into heaven, the destitution of His beloved followers who no longer could enjoy the ‘dailiness’ of their relationship with Him.

As it is for all of us, there is a sense of calm that comes with the people we love being close at hand. There is always a sense of homecoming when we regather with those we love; those who know us and know our stories. We have all experienced that sense of ‘homecoming’ when we are reunited with our own, be at Christmas, weddings, family parties and celebrations; the feeling of reconnection is palpable and real.

For our St Saviour’s College community this week, we have been able to experience just that. On Monday, we welcomed most students back to the College, many of whom had been off-campus for more than five weeks, engaging with online learning. While some of our boarders from remote communities in the Cape and Torres Strait are unable to re-join us at this time, we have been blessed to experience that great sense of ‘homecoming’ with those girls who have been able to recommence. Our Year 12 students went to great lengths to share their Mercy Girl hospitality to all those returning students during an extended House Meeting on Monday morning. The girls from their respective houses were treated to muffins, juice, toast, hashbrowns and hot chocolates, and engaged in activities to remind all of our students that St Saviour’s is more than a place we come to school; it is a place where we experience a sense of safety and assurance, a place where we feel loved and a place where we belong.

I sincerely thank all our Senior students for their leadership in this venture and thank them for modelling to our younger students what it means to be a Mercy Girl.

We look forward to the day, hopefully in the not so distant future, when we can have all our girls present with us. We keep our remote boarders in our hearts and prayers and wish them well as they continue their remote learning from their own homes and communities. We can’t wait to have you back, girls!


As a part of our return to regular schooling, we have been reiterating with all our girls that the online experience would have been unique for each individual. Many students I have spoken with enjoyed the flexibility and relative freedom that came with this type of learning. Others couldn’t wait to re-enter the classroom and get down to ‘business as usual’. The reality is, there is, in fact, no ‘business as usual’. There is nothing ‘usual’ about our the Covid-19 experience and what it has been for ourselves and College community, our nation and our world. So, we can’t expect that each student will be returning to us having a full three to five weeks of high-quality academic engagement. Each family circumstance is unique and, as a College, we acknowledge this. Our concerted efforts from here-on-in rest in our reassurance for our girls to know and understand that no one will be left behind. We commit to ensuring that we meet each individual student ‘where they are at’ in terms of their learning and accommodate accordingly. As a community, we walk forward together, and continue to do our best to provide a quality and inclusive education for all our girls, that is individually tailored to each student. We work in partnership to challenge our students to be resilient and to achieve excellence in their pathways. Above all, we continue to walk with our girls, and help them grow to become empowered young women in a changing world!


Given the Covid-19 crisis, in terms of our Open Evening, we have had to think ‘outside the box’ in terms of how we get our great Mercy Girl experience out into the community. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing mini excerpts of the facets of our College, informing the wider community on how we at St Saviour’s engage our young women to be young women of justice, hospitality and compassion, who strive for excellence. We look forward to having you share in the online experience. More details to come…


We pray for the repose of the soul of Hessie Victor’s mother, Wendy, who tragically passed away in Cairns recently (Hessie is Year 8). We pray that Wendy rests in peace and that our loving God holds Hessie and her family in the palm of his hand.

Blessings for the coming week.

Sharon Collins

1 Jun 2020

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