Uniform Shop:

The St Saviour’s College Uniform Shop offers a full range of uniforms and also a College backpack. It is located on the lower level of the Kate Reardon Block. The shop is managed by the College. Payment can be made by cash, debit card, Visa or Mastercard. 

The St Saviour’s College Uniform Shop operates every second Wednesday during term time (in the same week our fortnightly newsletter is published) or by appointment.  It may also open some days of the school holidays. Holiday dates are advertised in the College Newsletter.

The College expects the uniform to be correctly worn at all times and uniform items must be clearly named.

The College provides the opportunity for parents of Junior and Senior students to buy and sell outgrown uniforms in the Second Hand Uniform Shop. Please note that there are limited supplies of the uniform in stock.

When purchasing second hand items of uniform, it is essential that your daughter is available to try on garments, as we cannot exchange or give refunds. 

Opening Hours:

Open every second Wednesday (newsletter week) during term time from 8.10am - 8.30am or by arrangement with the College.

Second Hand Uniform School Procedures:

The College provides the opportunity for parents / carers to purchase and sell items of uniform at the College Uniform Shop. Items to be sold on commission must be presented according to the expectations outlined below.

  • All second-hand uniform items submitted to the uniform shop for sale must be accompanied by completed and signed Second Hand Uniform Sellers Form and Contract available from the College and the Uniform Shop.
  • All items presented for resale must be freshly laundered or dry‚Äźcleaned. All buttons must be securely in place, all fastenings must be fully functional and all necessary repairs complete. The College scarf is not for resale but can be donated back to the College.
  • Only items with the current school badge will be accepted for resale. 
  • The determined selling price will reflect the condition of the item and will usually be between 25% and 50% of the new garment price.
  • Items for resale left at the office will be priced by the Uniform Shop Manager in accordance with the condition.
  • Worn or faded uniform with holes, stains, faulty zippers and missing buttons cannot be accepted for sale.
  • Second-hand uniform items are held by the Uniform Shop on twenty-four month consignment.
  • Accounts will be finalised at the end of each semester with sellers receiving 75% of the price at which the item was sold. Payment is made for any sold items in accordance with the preference elected by the owner on the Second-Hand Uniform Sellers Form and Contract.
  • Any second-hand uniform items unsold at expiry of the twenty-four month consignment become the property of the school. 
  • Parents/carers are responsible for notifying the Uniform Shop of any changes to their personal details to ensure that they receive payment and/or documentation from the Uniform Shop.

Documents & Forms:

Second-Hand Uniform Sellers Form and Contract

Uniform Price List