Student Leadership:

St Saviour’s College provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through the key leadership positions, the Student Representative Council and a wide range of leadership positions to support College life. Our student leadership model is based on service to the community, taking example from the lives of Jesus Christ and Catherine McAuley. St Saviour’s College is committed to offering students opportunities to lead their peers enabling them to grow in maturity and confidence and develop character.


Student leadership structures at St Saviour’s aims to:

  • Provide girls across all year levels and in the Residential College with opportunities to undertake leadership roles among their peers.
  • Develop a vibrant community among the students of the College through active and effective student leadership.
  • Provide processes to allow students to exercise effective choice in the election of student leaders.
  • Provide support structures within the College to facilitate effective student leadership.

Student Representative Council:

The Student Representative Council works to encourage maximum student participation in College life and beyond in Church and community activities. Led by the SRC President and executive, the group of students which includes elected representatives from each Homeclass, meet regularly to address the interests, hopes and welfare of the whole student community and organise activities which draw attention to community outreach and meeting the social needs of society.



Student Leadership Model

Student Leadership Role Descriptions