Pastoral Care:

Pastoral care of students is an integral part of College life. Students are allocated a Home Class and a House when they enrol in the College. The Home Class teacher is the first port of call for a parent/carer for information.

The Houses are involved in sport, community service, pastoral care theme days and general College life.

House Structure:

St Saviour’s Pastoral Care Program is structured so that each girl is known as an individual and feels connected to a cohesive community. This means that the Pastoral Care Program is based around Houses and Home Class teachers who care for the individual needs of each girl from Year 7 through to Year 12, mentoring them through the transitions of their high school years. The Home Classes have a vertical structure with a mix of all year levels within them and are administered by the teacher allocated to that Home Class. The Houses are named after significant people and places in the Mercy Story and have a particular colour associated with them.

Coolock House

Catherine McAuley was bequeathed Coolock House in Dublin, the home of the Callaghans who were her benefactors. She sold the house and used the profits to establish her works of mercy. Gold is one of the colours of Ireland, where she lived.

Goretti House

Goretti House is named after Maria Goretti, a young girl who was a martyr of the church. Red is the traditional colour associated with martyrdom.

McAuley House

McAuley House is named after Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. Green is one of the colours of Ireland, where she lived.

Xavier House

Xavier House is named after St Francis Xavier, who was a missionary to the South Pacific and is patron saint of Australia. Blue is chosen for this House as Francis Xavier had a strong devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is also associated with the sea over which he travelled long distances in his missionary work.

House Points:

As part of our Merit system and to promote positive conduct within the College, House points are regularly allocated to students who go above and beyond to encompass the values of the College in their daily lives. Students representing the College are also often recipients of House points for their efforts. At the end of the year the winning house is given the opportunity to go to an excursion as a reward for their efforts.

Spiritual Life:

St Saviour’s College was founded as a Sisters of Mercy school and as such embraces Catherine McAuley’s values of justice, excellence, hospitality and compassion. The school community enacts these concepts through undertaking an active role in the Catholic Faith Community and extending the students’ understanding of how they can take these messages out to the wider community in a practical way. As such the Retreat Program, Liturgical Life and Daily Prayer Programs form an integral part of this process.

Retreat Program:

St Saviour’s College is committed to being a reflective community. We provide a variety of styles of retreat where students can explore issues which are relevant to their own needs and each year level has a retreat tailor-made for the needs of the individual cohort so as to enrich the spiritual development of the girls at the College. These range from the Year 7 Introductory Retreat to the Year 8 Camp, team building days for Years 9 and 10 and a Year 11 Reflection Day which all culminate in the Year 12 Retreat. These programs cover a variety of topics including: Healthy Relationships, Team Building, Leadership and Forgiveness, and all of them actively promote Christian living and following in the footsteps of Christ. The retreats are designed so that they can withdraw from their ordinary lives and reflect on their life’s journey. These opportunities for reflection, meditation, learning and liturgy enable the girls to explore their spiritual identity within the Catholic traditions and experience the sense of the divine within their ordinary lives.

Liturgical Life and Daily Prayer:

There are a number of opportunities for students to engage in the Liturgical Life of the College:

  • Prayer and reflection experiences are offered each morning in Home Class, at Year Level Meetings and House and College assemblies, in Religious Education classes and at celebratory masses. 
  • Mass is held each Thursday in the College Prayer Room and each term there is a College Liturgy.
  • In addition, interested students can join the Celebration and Liturgy Circle. This Circle works in partnership with the Assistant Principal – Mission, the Arts Department and the Cultural Circle to provide authentic liturgical experiences which reflect the life of the community.


Founded on the mercy values of justice, compassion and hospitality as well the Catholic Social Justice Teachings, the St Saviour’s College Outreach Program seeks to give girls the opportunities to be the face of Christ for others. Central to these programs is the concept of service to God through service to others.

Outreach activities seek to provide a balance between raising awareness, fundraising and direct involvement with the issues which face the wider community. In addition to the Caritas Lenten Program, this year the Social Justice Committee has taken on a number of fundraising and Outreach activities including St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal, Sleep Out, Buddies Program and Rosies.

There are also on-going programs that encourage the students to visit the elderly, support those who have sick relatives and be more conscious of their role as Stewards of the Earth. These include, Rosie’s Street Retreat program, Blankets of Love for Premature Babies, the Living Crib program as well as a variety of awareness programs. All of these programs focus on proclaiming the dignity of each person by meeting the needs of individuals with the compassion of Christ, so that St Saviour’s students feel empowered to act in matters of Social Justice.